A summary of the major project

1- Orascom -Bazian cement factory project 2005-2007.
2- Genel Enerji -TaqTaq operating CO.-TaqTaq Oil field 2006-2007.
3- Aycet construction Co.-Steel and Mechanical Erections- Bazian Cement Factory Project 2006-2007.
4- Iraqi Technical Support (ITS CO.)-Asiacell Building-Airconditioning Erection 2006.
5- Power station project - Erbil 2007 - 2008 .
6- Power station project - Chamchamal


 Other business built by the company

1. Installation the Electrical transformer Project - Erbil - The Washington Group of Companies - through a Zozek Company.
2. Excretion Project - Erbil  Cunay Turkish Company.
3. Project of establishing a network of fiber-optic communication - Arbil  Siemens  the German company .
4. Construction project the Erbil International Airport - Makyul Turkish company .
5. Dam Project Bekhme - Arbil -the Directorate works - Samyer Turkish company .
6. Sewage network construction project Arbil - through connector .
7. An oil exploration project - Zakho - Great Wall Chinese companies to drill oil wells .
8. Connector International Airport - Airports and rules - Gyara - minors - connector - NASA Turkish company - KBR .
9. Project to build apartments - Ways Koysanjaq - Arbil - Turkish company cevekler .
10. Construction project for the purposes of storage rooms and factories - Arbil - the company ICCB .
11. Connector International Airport - a Serka Turkish .
12. Contract unloading cargo planes and cargo from the Erbil International Airport to the city of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah - Chinese company Huawei .
13. Contract unloading cargo planes and cargo from the Erbil International Airport to the city of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah - Dejla  Group of Companies for stores of the Asia cell company  for mobile .
14. Construction project apartments - by Enkawa - Arbil - Turkish company, whatever God .
15. Dream City project - the road to the airport - Arbil, the Lebanese Company ICC .
16. Transmission project, and installed a 10 megawatts - Arbil .
17. Project to dig a tunnel and construction of a bridge Sulaymaniyah  Khazna Company .

As well as for transport, loading and unloading of tankers through the truck and transfer of materials and construction projects and roads and land settlement and processing of client business and corporate materials, machinery and heavy equipment of all kinds of European, Japanese and American new and used brand.

 Amir Company was founded on 1st April 2005, Kurdistan - Erbil city as branch of international Adrighem Company. It is dealing with general trade, renting heavy machines. AMIRCO is one of the leading suppliers of equipment and services in Kurdistan - Iraq. For new industrial, petroleum and construction projects in north of Iraq,
We supply a wide variety of equipment especially Cranes, provide the most reliable type of cranes, and other related support services.

The advantages & of choosing AMIRCO
Biggest renting company in Kurdistan & Iraq. It a branch of largest international renting company in the world, so that  guarantee supplying the customers with unlimited equipments especially Cranes in  strong ability.
The suitable renting price, because the Cranes already exist in Kurdistan therefore the border and transportation fees are not charges.
The professional experience in the renting field of AMIRCO, which its a mix of experience comes from the mother company in Holland and a gained experience from local contracts with the largest companies in Kurdistan.
AMIRCO trusted by the largest companies because the result of the professional successful projects AMIRCO had done. And that support our well-known name.
Asia Cell
Neshtiman Market
Erbil Power Station
Beakhma Project


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