Designed with leading edge technology, VAT-type hoists are a product of our extensive experience in the market. Over one million of these hoists are in safe and reliable use with extreme customer satisfaction by our customers in more than 45 countries worldwide. These machines that are manufactured in series in line with the FEM standards call for a reliable and fastidious production process to ensure long-life. Sound and safe, ELMOT hoists feature a simple and lucid mechanism and low-maintenance. VAT series hoits are available in 8 basic models ranging from 0,5 tons (VAT 05) to 80 tons (VAT 75). They offer a wide spectrum of uses for numerous work groups, lifting heights, lifting and driving speeds and utilization media. Our CE certified hoists are designed in compliance with the FEM rules and the machine are manufactured in accordance with relevant regulations (EC 89/392/EWG; 91/368/EWG; 93/94/EWG; 93/68/EWG).






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