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1. Bnakha Company (Kurdistan Region and Iraq’s biggest company for B. R. C production)

Bnakha Company is considered the biggest company in Kurdistan Region and Iraq for B. R. C manufacturing.

We have initiated the establishment of Bnakha Company for B. R. C manufacturing and General Trade at the time when the economy of Iraq was in urgent need of such companies and extremely vital for the local market.

We started the establishment of the company in (2007) and it took two years to complete.

At the beginning of (2009), we started our first production and we not only contrived to compete the foreign production but rather better in terms of quality and specifications.

At the beginning of (2010), we started to develop the capacities of the company and labor force for better production and greater productive capacity. The production of the company ranged between (80 – 100) tons and achieved a roaring success.

In (2012), we initiated our second development plan under the supervision of European engineers and experts (German and Swiss) in addition to Turkish experts consequently our company started to supply its production locally and internationally with the best kinds of B. R. C and the most advanced technological machines. Since then, our company has become the biggest B. R. C producer in Iraq where the capacity of our production is now ranging about (150 – 200) tons per day.

2. B. R. C. Production:

 It is noteworthy that our company (Bnakha Company) is considered the biggest company is Iraq and produces all measurements and sizes as per the client’s requirements from (4 mm) to (12 mm). Bnakha Company plays a vital role in Kurdistan’s economy through its local production from Erbil, the capital city of Kurdistan Region.

Reinforcing steel Bar Manufacturing

Bnakha Company produces various kinds and sizes of iron bars, which include:

- 1 meter length to 12-meter length

- 4 mm thickness to 12 mm thickness

And these include two kinds:

First: Fabricated Deformed Steel Bar

Second: Plain Steel Bar

Company Phone Numbers:

0770 270 44 44 – 0770 220 20 22 – 0770 460 39 33

3. Sales:

Since its launch, the sales of Bnakha Company’s products throughout Kurdistan Region and Iraq, from Zakho to Basra, have achieved a huge success because our company meets the needs of the clients. Consequently, the local market requirements are available at Bnakha Company. Our values in sales are:

Honesty – Integrity - Respect of Others – Productivity

Sales Contact Numbers:

0770 248 52 42 – 0750 714 11 67 – 0770 152 59 00

4. Bnakha Company Overview:

Bnakha Company is one of the most well-known companies in Kurdistan Region / Iraq.

We started the incorporation of the company in (2007). At first, it was famous in Erbil Directorate. After that, it was well-known throughout Kurdistan Region and Iraq and was registered at the companies’ registrar in (2008).

- Bnakha Company for B. R. C. Manufacturing and General Trade LTD. registered at Erbil Board of Investment in (2010) and it became officially licensed by Erbil Board of Investment. Our company started developing by the assistance of German, Swiss and Turkish experts through two stages. The first stage was in (2010) and the second one was in (2012).

- Our company is considered the leading B. R. C. manufacturer in Iraq and we are in a constant progress and developing our machines and seek to use the most advanced technology, all of that was with the assistance of Allah.

Bnakha Company Values are:



Respect of Others

Use most advanced technologies

Not: Our Company has the ability to produce other sizes as per your requirements.

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