The armouring system is integrated after the production process of the base vehicle without Changing its exterior appearance. The safety cell including the rear luggage area is designed in

Such a way that all gaps between the main body of the car and the doors are overlapped. Spall- Returns are fitted to prevent projectiles or splinters from entering the passenger compartment. This  Method of installation also offers highest possible protection to the vehicle occupants against the Effects of a bomb blast from either side of the vehicle.  Ballistic Specifications

The level of protection is based on the DIN EN 1522 and DIN EN 1523 test procedures which are Also known as B6 or BR6 for transparent areas and B6 or FB6 for opaque areas. Under the same Conditions (range, angle of incidence, number and spread of impacts) we have tested both Kalashnikov rifles (AK47 and AK74) with their respective ammunitions.
Tests were carried our by the National B. Laboratory in Germany.
this car is protected against:

- Uzi 9mm submachin gun
- Magnum
- Kalashinkov AK47
- Automatic Rifle FAL
- FAL Rifle NATO
- Landmines
- Grenades

Bouwjaar 2007 / Motortype: 1FZ-EF / Cilinders: 6 / Cilinder inhoud: 4477 cc
Motorvermogen: 166 KW - 230 PK (HP) / Versnelling: 5 manual / Brandstof: Benzine / VERKOOP per 10 STUKS 

07901417030 / Holand 0031614040848