Danube Engineering
                & General Contracting


Danube Engineering and General Contracting Iraqi private family owned company, essential part of Danube Group, dealing mainly with construction and civil Engineering works. Since 1989, Engineering & ConstructionDanubewas committed to excellence in the Construction Works by expertise, experience, and work ethics. It has talented and dedicated staffs that take pride in their work and take advantage of the latest technology. Good organization, perfect quality control plan, time schedule respect are some of main principle to obtain client satisfaction, on which we've built our reputation. Throughout our history, we have developed a portfolio of satisfied government, local and foreign commercial clients who recognize and depend on the quality of our services. Successful cooperation with many local and foreign partners resulted wining and performance high evaluated services and vital projects still standing as a model of high quality.

Modern technology and good equipment and material base supported by many members in senior staff, from which most of them highly educated Civil Engineers, Specialist for Design, Surveying, Execution, Supervision, Certification, for all kind of Construction Works. The Senior Staff includes high experienced and high educated Architects, Surveyors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Classic or Prefabricated Housing, Industrial and Public Building, Roads, Bridges, Water Supplying,  Water Treatment and Sewage, are some of the Company activities and specialties.                                                                                                                        


Danube activities in the field of Engineering and General Contracting have included:

  1. Surveying, Design and Construction of Roads & Bridges.
  2. Design and Construction of Hospitals & Schools.
  3. 3. Construction, Mechanical and electric contracting, Design, Consulting including Construction and Demolishing all types of Residential and Administration Buildings, Tunnels, Railways, Airports, Tanks, Irrigation Projects, Drainage Systems, Ports, Sewerage Systems, Installing Machines and Equipment, Pumping Stations, Communication Projects, Air-Conditioning Systems, Electrical Works, Sanitary Works, Water Treatment, all types of Steel Works and Structures.
  4. International and local Trading Activities, Export and Import
  5. Delivery and Purchasing Vehicles, Equipment and Tools
  6. Storing Projects and Systems for all kinds of Goods and Products.
  7. All types of Transport, Custom Clearance and Insurance Activities.
  8. Production of all types of Construction Materials.


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Baghdad Headquarters Contact Information:

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